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Pregnancy follow-up plan

Your peace of mind is our priority. We offer you a personalized follow-up of your baby's pregnancy with a gynecologist specialized in perinatology (high-risk pregnancy follow-up).
Your peace of mind is our priority

We help couples achieve a successful pregnancy.

Discover our nutritional counseling plans, exercises aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor and abdomen. In addition for childbirth and postpartum plans for mom and baby where we teach breastfeeding strategies and warning signs of the baby.


We have exclusive packages: Bags of controls and ultrasounds, genetic tests and more advanced laboratory tests that may require and exist in the market and many other services.

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The Novafem Pregnancy Control Plan contains:

We have pregnancy monitoring plans that fit your gestational age and your needs so that we can be the perfect complement for the health of you and your baby during pregnancy.


With us you can get from a diagnostic ultrasound to a complete pregnancy monitoring with the necessary tests, with this service you do not have to wait until it is too late for you or your baby, give priority to your health and make an appointment for an assessment.

How do we do it?

Trust is a fundamental pillar for the pregnancy control process. We know that it is not an easy situation for any mother. That is why we created the Novafem Pregnancy Control Plan.


Three simple steps developed in three stages that help you make better decisions from the beginning of your pregnancy, minimizing risks and costs. Thus, allowing all the people who have trusted us to become mothers, fathers and, above all, happy families.

First quarter


Genetic testing:


Second quarter


Third quarter



We will assign

you a personal a personal advisor and a nurse,

who will follow your process throughout your experience in our institution to guarantee your peace of mind and well-being.

Our specialties

Novafem is a medical center specialized in fertility treatments. We have high and low complexity assisted reproduction procedures, in addition to a complete protocol of diagnostic tests, which offer a high probability of success in your treatment.

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In vitro fertilization

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Artificial insemination

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Pregnancy controls

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Other procedures

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What our patients say

centros de fertilidad bogota
Diana and José

"I can only thank God and the doctors and nurses for their help and always recommend them to God so that he may continue to bless them and fill them with wisdom so that many couples can feel this great joy".

fecundación in vitro precio bogotá
Norma, Mauricio and Jerónimo

"When I started the process, it was 12 days to take the test. I knew I was pregnant, but I didn't say anything to my husband. I told the nurse how I felt and she took me to Dr. Zamira's office. I saw that on the table there was a pregnancy test, it was positive! I screamed a lot, it was very exciting, it was 18 years crying but that day for me was just happiness, I was the happiest woman to know that I was finally going to bring that baby into my life with the help of God and Novafem. Age doesn't matter if one longs to be a father."

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Ángela and José Camilo

"We have been married for 8 years and for 4 years we have been looking for a pregnancy. We were recommended to go to Novafem and we found an excellent medical team, always willing to help us, giving us all the support we needed to achieve our pregnancy. It was a long and painful process, to the point of being ready to give up, but the team was always supporting and encouraging us. After several attempts Nicolas arrived to brighten up our home and our family."

Anonymous couple

"We arrived with anxiety, nerves and a lot of expectation because we had been looking for our first child for 7 years. From the moment we arrived at Novafem the doctors gave us support and security, they always spoke to us clearly in every procedure performed and after 1 year of treatment, God allowed us to start this beautiful experience of being parents of a beautiful princess who has become the joy of our whole family."